About Us

Our vision

SXA believes that all women are beautiful and crave more versatility in swim and resort style for all aspects of their lives in every season.

Our Suits

Our main focus when creating our swimwear is giving our customers the best quality. We use nylon fibers, which have excellent toughness, and feel, and are easy to wash.

We use spandex to add some stretch. We do this because our swimwear feels like a second skin-- tripled line in fabric to keep you sexy yet comfortable. Our suits are designed to have you luxuriously confident.

Our Impact

A portion of our profits will go to Black Women’s Agenda. As an organization that is devoted to securing and protecting the rights of black women, SXA is honored to partner with them. Each purchase educates, empowers, and supports black women.


Sarah Alexis, Is A Millennial Founder, Has A Degree In Fashion Design And Over 15 Years Of Retail Experience. She Is Passionate About Fashion And Understands The Art Of Power And Style. As A Haitian-American, Sarah Spent Most Of Her Childhood In The Caribbean. Her Love For The Ocean Inspired Her To Launch This Line.